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SMART Consulting, external consultant and training providor for Continuous Improvement Methodology using Lean manufacturing and Six sigma approach, Smart managing and superviseing improvement projrct at Americana Saudi. Smart Consulting was good Consulting and Training provider you can depends on.

Eng. Mohamed very helpful and have a deep knowledge with practical experinace in both service and industerial sectors,

Mohammed have ability to deliver his knowledge and experience during training sessions and I considered my reference not only in improvement but in different business areas.

I had worked and I still working with him in a lot of improvement projects. His great progress for improving himself  is really surprising. His steps toward professionalism are greatly fast.

His profile reflects not more that 50% of his real profile.

I am really proud to meet a great person like him. I’m expecting  a great career path for him in the near future.

Mohamed Ashmawy, Msc, LMGB, SSGB, - Labs & Quality Manager