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Who we are?

We are an operational management consultancy firm formed by a team of professionals. We have a strong knowledge base in manufacturing and services gained from our past experience in local and multinational companies, supported by our education and training in worldwide accredited institutes. Our target is to support organizations in Egypt and the GCC Region at improving their business utilizing our methodology and different tools through 5Ps (People, Purpose, Process, Place, Performance).

SMART started with emphasis on the implementation of different business improvement methodologies and tools using TPS, Lean Six Sigma Strategies and Supply Chain Management to build a fully integrated model for modern Business Process Management (BPM).

  • All the founders are former professionals with multinational companies in the field of manufacturing and consultancy.
  • SMART Consulting has a full time team, working to deliver and transfer their experience and knowledge to the client focusing on people and business results.
  • SMART Consulting team has broad spectrum of experiences in different sectors like manufacturing, automotive, FMCG, retail, services, hospitality and Healthcare.

why smart

We aim to master in living values and achieving goals.
When goals are measurable, they are easier to track and communicate to stakeholders.
We say what we will do, and do what we say based on our mutual agreements. Every partner is accountable.
We believe in an open, team-oriented environment of mutual respect and trust. Respect and trust are essential building blocks of success.
We promote a culture that encourages teamwork, embraces change and fosters innovation.


The team that seeks excellence and innovation; the active components that get results.
Our objective is to integrate all the elements that constitute the intention of the organization.
The infrastructure that supports systems through visual management and environmental control, Place looks also at the culture of the organization and helps companies become destination employers.
The organizational structures, systems, and procedures that are used to make the products or perform the services that the organization provides.
Encompasses all the metrics, measurements and expected results that indicate the status of the organization, and are used first as criteria for decision making, then to provide a means of feedback and control.

Vision & Mission

SMART Vision

To be the most innovative partner and first choice for organizations in Egypt and the GCC when the need for process improvement arises.

SMART Mission

It is all about SMART philosophy- A philosophy based on SMART team core competencies which leads to unleash our clients’ business capabilities through 5P’s (People, Purpose, Process, Place, Performance).

SMART Competitive Advantage


  • Change Management
  • Working with different levels inside organization in two directions: top-down and bottom-up


  • Client-specific solutions
  • Partnership, integrity, trust, joint team collaboration
  • Result oriented


  • Hands-on application
  • Integrated consulting approach
  • Knowledge transfer in simple way

our staff