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Navigating Change

Navigating Change

Change is a constant in most organizations and being able to successfully plan for and implement change programs is becoming a key skill for managers in all organizations. Starting with an overview of organizational culture this course discusses the practical aspects of developing a change strategy, communications, strategic planning tools and a wide range of practical issues that are likely to arise as people come to grips with the reality that the future will not be like the past.

Course Content

  • Understanding change and organizational culture
  • Review of the key planning and implementation concepts that surround managing change
  • Dealing with the many issues that arise during the journey

Learning objectives

  • Discuss how the success of any change program is impacted by organizational culture
  • Review the key tools and concepts required to plan for a successful change program
  • Understand how to structure a successful change program

Understand how to structure a successful change program that navigates through the traditional and not so obvious problems that can be encountered. Understand how to bring stakeholders, with you thereby ensuring a smooth transition to a new way of working for your organization.

Course Duration 1 Day (8 hrs).