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Lean Green Belt Certification

Lean Green Belt Certification

Lean Green Belts are employees at all levels who serve as high performing team leaders or members of Lean deployment Process. This course prepares Lean Green Belt candidates to help implementing Lean approaches and techniques throughout the organization.

Most importantly, this course has a practical and applied focus. Lean Green Belt candidates receive a formal certification from SMART Consulting Egypt when they pass a final exam and complete a project in their workplace that removes waste, reduces defects, increases on-time delivery or otherwise achieves an important performance goal.



Attending Lean Green Belt class room transfers needed knowledge and skills to students through interactive lecture, group exercises, process and tool simulations, games and the application of learning to a real improvement project in the workplace. In the classroom, SMART consulting expert instructors are interesting and engaging, transferring knowledge from their extensive industry experience and thorough set of course content. Because this course has an applied focus, instructors provide direct and focused support to candidates so they can successfully pass their final exam and complete their process-improvement projects to become officially green belt certified.

Course Content
The training will cover the following topics: Based on VVFPP methodology and 4Ps model

  • Origin and Philosophy
    • Mass production and Lean
    •  Muda, Mura, Muri.
    •  Seven types of wastes
    •  Value added activities
    •  Lean Manufacturing house
    • Lean thinking Model
  • Operational stability
    • Indicators of stability
    •  Strategies for stability
    •  Standards and visual control
    •  5S and Visual Factory
    •  Red tagging—Spaghetti diagram
    • TPM—six big loses—OEE
  • Standard Work
    • Standardization and benefits
    •  3 elements of standardization
    •  TAKT time, work sequence, in process stock
    • Layout and cell design
  • Just In Time (JIT)
    • Little’s law
    • Push and Pull System
    • Continuous Process flow, one piece flow
    • KANBAN
    • Learn to See Future State
  • Jidoka and Poka Yoke
    • Autonomation
    • Zero Defects and Zero QC
    • Andon
  • Involvement
    • Goal involvement
    • Kaizen
    • A3 methodology
    • Problem solving (A3 and  3C)

Course objectives

  • Demonstrate tools and techniques required to assist Black Belts in their company’s improvement projects. Apply such Lean concepts as 5S, waste reduction, mistake proofing and value stream mapping
  • Identify and implement small-scale improvement projects
  • Prepare the delegates for LBC program
Course Prerequisites
  • Laptop or PC
  • iGrafx (download the 30 days trial version)
  • Microsoft Excel

Course Duration
10 Full Days

Certification Requirements

  • Attend the full training days.
  • Pass the final exam by min 70%
  • Complete one signed off improvement project and submits for review