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Developing A Culture of CI

Developing A Culture of Continuous Improvement (CI)

Many performance improvement initiatives fail or fizzle out. Invariably that is caused by a combination of problems, many of which are related to the engagement of people and the shaping of an appropriate organizational culture. The success of any improvement program places unique pressures on the leadership teams of organizations.

This course focuses on how leaders and their senior teams can prepare their organization for improvement and then create the right environment and culture to enable them to lead improvement programs and achieve success.

The program tackles the important issues affecting organizational culture within a wide range of sectors and participants will be shown how it is possible to shape the culture of an organization and the role of leaders, advocates and change agents in this process, and the issues they will encounter along the way.

Course Content

  • An understanding of improvement and improvement programs
  • How organizational culture is formed, shaped and changed
  • The journey to a new culture
  • Leading front-line teams to success

Learning objectives

  • An understanding of why improvement programs fail
  • The role of leaders at all levels in achieving success
  • How to motivate, communicate and manage people during the change

Who this course is for
Using a mix of presentation, discussion and experience sharing, this exciting program will appeal to managers and directors at all levels who are interested not only in changing processes but also changing the behavior of entire teams and organizations.

Course Duration 1 Day (8 hrs).