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Effective Manufacturing

Effective Manufacturing

This course is designed to show the opportunities for the development of processes and structures, the variety of techniques available and their application. It will also demonstrate how to ensure successful MRP and lean operations together with the distribution of involvement and responsibility.

Course Content

  • Structuring and flow for different industries
  • Performance measures and planning
  • Overall equipment effectiveness
  • Master scheduling and planning
  • ERP operations and MRPII
  • Lead-times
  • Lean manufacturing – the way ahead
  • Batch control, kanbans and SMED
  • Quality management
  • Kaizen, 5S and creating change
  • Resource management
  • Material planning – MRP
  • Capacity planning and control
  • Outsourcing
  • Workplace organization
  • Throughput balancing and constraints
  • Bottlenecks and flexibility
  • Priority control
  • Information control
  • Bills of materials
  • Data control
  • Systems operation

Learning objectives
This comprehensive two-day course gives participants a good grounding in the principles and practices of managing manufacturing operations efficiently and effectively.

Participants will be able to apply what they have learned to ensure successful MRP and lean operations.

Who this course is for
The course is designed for those with responsibility for efficient operations, such as, production managers, production controllers, materials schedulers and master planners.

Course Duration
3 Days (24 hrs).