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Lean Supply Chain

Lean Supply Chain

This course provides an introduction to the value of using the principles of lean in the supply chain. This interactive course uses discussion, examples, presentations and interactive elements to get across the key aspects of how to utilize lean in a modern supply chain context.

Course Content

  • The basics of lean and the lean toolkit
  • Lean supply chain thinking
  • Supplier strategy and rationalization
  • Supplier partnerships, collaborations and associations
  • Lean approach in the links of the supply chain
  • The customer/supplier interface between each link
  • Lean measures of performance
  • Case studies

Learning objectives
Participants will gain fluency in the language and principles of the lean supply chain from inventory management and Supplier relationship through manufacturing and warehousing to managing the links with customers.

Participants will benefit by gaining an understanding of what businesses should commit to if they are looking to implement lean processes in a real and valuable way.

Who this course is for
This course is designed for senior and middle managers.

Course Duration
3 Days (24 hrs).