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Material and Capacity Requirement Planning

Material and Capacity Requirement Planning

Material requirements planning (MRP) and capacity requirements planning (CRP) provide the detailed planning of materials and capacity within an integrated business system.

Course Content

  • Concepts and principles of MRP/CRP
  • Inputs to MRP/CRP
  • The logic of MRP/CRP, the MRP explosion process
  • Load and capacity, finite and infinite loading
  • Outputs from MRP/CRP
  • Working with MRP/CRP, dealing with bottlenecks
  • Conclusions, MRP/CRP interfaces

Learning outcomes
Over the three-day course, participants will gain an understanding of the concepts and principles of MRP and CRP techniques and how to apply them.

Organizations will benefit from the effective and considered implementation of MRP and CRP , which can dramatically improve customer service, while simultaneously reducing stock levels, and helping to improve manufacturing productivity through better planning.

Who this course is for
This course is aimed at anyone involved in the planning process, including material planners, buyers and capacity planners.

Course Duration
3 Days (24 hrs).