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Supply Chain Planning and Execution – an Overview

Supply Chain Planning and Execution – an Overview

The core of a successful supply chain is to create relevant, realistic supply plans, and then to execute those plans on time, in full and economically.Supply chain and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems have evolved over the years to support the implementation of successful supply chains. These systems require people to have an understanding of business objectives, business operations, planning and execution.

This course gives an insight into the elements that make up supply chain and ERP systems. It provides an understanding of how best practice business principles and manufacturing resource planning (MRPII) can be applied to create the foundation for running supply chains effectively and efficiently to maximize business success.The course is very much a wide and general overview, aimed at everyone in the business.Without this background knowledge, many people struggle to work effectively with their supply chain and ERP systems.

This is unlikely to deliver business success. For many people, this overview will be sufficient. However, those who work with supply chain and ERP systems will need this overview and then to follow it with the Supply Chain Mechanics course.

Course Content

  • Business objectives
  • Traditional inventory replenishment, re-order point (ROP)
  • Material requirements planning (MRP)
  • Manufacturing resource planning (MRPII)
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • Closing the loop and performance measurement
  • Supply chain management
  • Implementation issues for success first time

Learning outcomes
Delegates will gain a fundamental knowledge of the principles and concepts of MRP and MRPII and supports delegates to progress to the subsequent more in-depth course.

This fundamental knowledge will enable delegates to make informed decisions about selecting and implementing new systems. It will also support those working on ERP/supply chain implementation teams to gain a broader view of business operations, planning and execution.

Who this course is for
It is relevant to all areas of an organization – including many non-manufacturing environments; It will also benefit those charged with selecting and implementing such systems, as well as any staff on ERP/supply chain implementation teams.

Course Duration
1 Day (8 hrs).