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Supply Chain Planning and Execution Mechanics

Supply Chain Planning and Execution Mechanics

An intensive two-day course to build on the knowledge gained from the one-day overview. Many organizations use output from supply chain/ERP systems, but how these outputs were arrived at is not always clearly understood. Over the two days, each of the elements of MRPII is covered in detail.

Course Content

  • A review of the elements of MRPII, how they fit together and the performance measures that are needed.
  • The basic data that is needed for MRPII to work, the importance of data accuracy and how it may be Achieved.
  • The development of costs and costing.
  • Master planning - a review of executive sales and operations planning, followed up by master production scheduling, rough cut capacity planning and final assembly scheduling.
  • Material requirements planning, including a simple manual exercise.
  • Capacity requirements planning.
  • Executing the plans - purchasing management, shop floor control, financial management, the newer Philosophies.
  • A review of the necessary ingredients for success and identification of constraints.

Learning outcomes
This course will aid understanding, while at the same time showing, at a simple mathematical level, how the calculations of MPS, MRPII, CRP and more are performed by the software.

Those working with ERP/supply chain systems will build their knowledge of what changes need to be made to ensure that the system works more effectively for them, enabling them to execute their responsibilities more efficiently.

Who this course is for
The course is intended for those who work with ERP/supply chain systems and its outputs. Participants will need to have an appreciation of the workings of their organization, as well as an understanding of the basic principles of MRPII, either from practical experience or by attending the MRPII Overview course.

Course Duration
2 Days (16 hrs).